More About Heart IQ

Heart Intelligence is a system of coaching and a way of life where one experiences movement from where one is to where one wants to be. I’ts movement from point A to point B – and a life directed by the Heart, a life characterized by Joy. Heart Intelligence includes skills of :
1 a.  Stillness,
1.b. Being real,
2. Being embodied,
3. Tracking,
4. Getting clear,
5. Getting empowered,
6. Getting moving,
7. Practicing for desired outcomes,
8. Continually asking the questions:

what am I feeling about the topic at hand, and in relating to that, what am I wanting –also what’s holding me back, and what am I needing?

Another definition off the cuff from Christian on a call last year: Heart Intelligence is the art of coming into our joy through expanding our emotional range, accepting all of who we are, while being witnessed in the presence of others, then opening to build relationship and community.” Through following our joy, our core unworthiness and unloveability comes up, and the group witnesses our feeling of this, which is our defensive protective system, disarming it from further blocking us, which then becomes the fuel for launching our arc of desire towards all that we truly want in life! With clarity, empowerment, inspired action, and guidance, we then draw to us, create and manifest the life that our heart truly wants for us!
Other definitions:

Heart Intelligence is a set of skills, that when practiced, allows you to come into self-mastery in every area of your life, so that you can live the life of your dreams. Heart Intelligence is a way of being, of knowing self and others so intimately that life is experienced as a series of joyful, enlightened moments.

Heart Intelligence is a non-delineated art form comprised of three important life skills that enables you to move through life with more grace and ease.

3 life skills are:
1. Stillness
2. Embodiment
3. Tracking

Heart Intelligence; (from Heart IQ Mastery) Module 1:1

Heart Intelligence is

1. the skill that enables you to know in any given moment what’s going on for you so you know how to react to any situation from your heart rather than you head.

2. It’s the capacity to be able to navigate away from the resistance and self-sabotage and the programing that’s built into all of us that says: “Stop no, don’t go further it’s not safe” and to in fact venture into the unknown with clarity with safety, with a sense of fullness and wholeness.

3. It’s a way for you to follow internal guidance, it’s about listening to all aspects of you to be able to tell the diff when the guidance you are receiving is good intelligence or when its coming from a part that’s damaged or wounded.

4. It’s about being able to make right decisions so that something comes to you and you can instantly know, is this right for me or no, is this relationship good for me or not good for me

5. It’s about being able to self-assess where you are and then being able to vulnerably and openly share who you are with others in such a way that they feel you, they get you.

6. It’s about encouraging and creating and connecting to juice so you amplify your charismatic potential. So you walk into the room and people light up, because you are there, not because you’ve said anything but because of who you are –the energy you carry, the frequency that you are coming from is so attractive, not just from a romantic attraction but attractive for Life. Life loves that which is in the heart! Heart Centered intelligence is very very potent for bringing and drawing into your experience all those things that you are wanting.

HIQ is a combination of two important life skills:

1.  Internal Awareness – ability to know self
2.  Relational Awareness – tune in and be sensitive to others

When able to know self and know others together, you create balance in your life which gives you excellent capacity to be in relationships without being too much about everybody else, which is codependent, And not being too much about self, all about you, selfish.

HIQ is about in the body experience, not saying no to transcendental experiences. Can we be grounded and yet have an embodied soul experience.

The combo is vital spiritual practice, because most are good at one, but possibly not the other.