Comments from Clients




“The teaching and consultation I received from Richard Haynes was a very enjoyable, educational and important gift to myself and my health.  Richard touches into the essence of life and transmits this quality of sacredness in his work.  I highly recommend his work to anyone wishing to incorporate a more holistic approach to living.”


Caroline Muir
Founder, Divine Feminine Institute
Author, Tantra, The Art of Conscious Loving. 1989
Author, Tantra Goddess, 2011



Two things rose to the top during my consultation with Richard – and really made a difference. First, his simple, clear and compelling framing of the body’s “stressed” adrenal response compared to its “easeful” relaxation response, and the implications of each one for health. That’s been a helpful reference as I’ve increased my sensitivity to which mode I’m in, under which circumstances – and how to spend more time in the relaxation response using breathing and other approaches. Terrific! Second, seeing my own cardiogram under both conditions not only brought the point home (wow – this is what my heart is doing when my adrenals are activated?!?), but inspired me tremendously. The second reading, during relaxation response, was tangible proof that I really could consciously cultivate greater ease. Something about seeing my own cardiogram clicked my confidence and commitment right in. It’s leapfrogged my own journey around cultivating presence and ease.

Julie Huffaker, Business Consultant



michael sapiro

I first came to Richard by references from Sarahjoy Marsh and Leslie Bevan of Amrita and Living Yoga. They both claimed, with smiles abound, that Richard’s perceptivity and sensitivity was a great gift. I am always challenged to live sattvically and within the guidelines of Yogic principles and Richard’s constant reminder of Breath and Presence has been a great support. Simply by becoming aware of the Breath as it works through and within me I am drawn to the Peace that naturally resides inside and I am grateful for Richard’s own presence and awareness of what I need at any given moment. His ability to listen has inspired my own practice as a Yoga teacher and novice Ayurvedic therapist. As a tri-athlete I am doubly grateful for Richard’s teaching of the differences between the parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous systems in regards to becoming the healthiest and happiest athlete I can be. Before consulting with Richard I was finishing events using only my muscles and adrenaline, usually gasping for breath! Now, even during training I am completely relaxed, using only my nose to breathe deeply and find myself feeling more energy at the end of the workout than before. Instead of relying on a limited source of energy I am actually creating the prana that sustains and nourishes me. Richard has taught me a deeper reality of exercise than I have learned before. I feel at peace and more connected to myself, in general, simply because I am being taught to listen to my body while exercising. I am deeply grateful for Richard’s keen awareness of this process and for supporting me on my own.

Michael Sapiro


Michael Sapiro is the founder of Maitri Tak, a local yoga school and community in Northern Thailand. He is a certified teacher trainer of Traditional Hatha Yoga and is completing his certification as an Ayurvedic Health Educator with Dr. Frawley of the American Institute of Vedic Studies. He currently has a mindfulness therapy practice in Portland, OR and Vancouver, WA and does triathlons for fun!


I am 57 years old and recently treated myself to a restoring spa day at Ayurveda Plus. I was feeling frustrated and out of balance with hormonal issues which I haven’t been able to resolve after trying countless alternative treatments, herbs and remedies. I discovered the Ayurveda Plus website while searching for Ayurvedic treatment in Oregon (I live two hours from Portland) and liked what I read there. Ayurvedic Consultant Richard Haynes, greeted me at the door with a cup of tea. He began with a mini consultation. Right away I was impressed by how serious and focused he seemed about helping me heal myself. His methods appeared to be more intuitive and meditation-like than just looking at the answers I had filled in on a questionnaire. He diagnosed my situation with a pulse reading and some very focused questions, then recommended beginning with a salt scrub foot massage, an Abhyanga warm sesame oil body massage by two skilled masseuses working simultaneously, a Marma massage at the points where consciousness meets the body, then a wonderful Shirodhara warm sesame oil drip on my forehead. After this Richard served me a deliciously beautiful Aryuvedic lunch he had prepared and explained all the courses and their significance in the healing process. This was followed by two and a half hours of consultation where I learned so many unexpected things about Ayurveda and myself, as well as a wonderful breath technique. I have read that Ayurveda is a body, mind and soul path to healing, and the spa day at Ayurveda Plus really brought that home to me in ways I wasn’t expecting. It went beyond just being wonderfully pleasurable, rejuvenating and relaxing on all levels. It has given me things I am using every day to strengthen and heal myself. I can feel the change, and I am grateful.

Judy Sanfilippo



The Music, the warm temperature of the room, technicians, were wonderful women. The hot towels, steam, hot oil and touch was heaven. The lunches were delightful!  Thank you Richard for making such a meaningful and powerful experience possible.  Being in a new & different environment with strangers is stressful for me, this, however was OK.

Marylin Huletz


The experience of being loved and cared for – the quality of heart brought to the experience – the overall scope of the (treatments and everything). In between – all the procedures and techniques all of which felt cleansing nurturing and rejuvenating – the synergy of Donna and Carrie working together as one body – mind – which allowed for relaxation and harmony within myself – the oil the steam, the towels the hearts, getting in touch with the breath made this an unforgettable experience.

Juanita Crampton