Pillars of Health

The three pillars of health according to Ayurveda are:  Proper Diet, Proper Routine, and Proper Exercise.  It is these three pillars that form the foundation of perfect health.  Without this firm foundation, perfect health will always allude us.  No amount of medicine, herbs, or spa treatments or acupuncture or anything else can give us perfect health without a strong foundation of Ideal Diet, Routine and Exercise.  What is ideal is different for each of us depending on our Ayurvedic Body Type, our age, our current state of balance, and our history of health challenges.

At Ayurveda Plus we take a complete physical inventory of your symptoms, assess you current state using Ayurvedic pulse diagnosis, and help you develop a proper diet, routine and exercise that will disarm the adrenaline driven sympathetic nervous system.  When the sympathetic nervous system is disarmed, your heart rate and heart rate variability change.   See before and after  graphs of an actual client.  See this reference which further explains heart rate variability

Body Type Questionnaire  you can print this out this self test to help determine your Ayurvedic Body Type and also learn about the properties of the doshas.

Proper Diet Suggestions:

Conscious Eating  It is actually more important when you eat and how you eat than what you eat.  Print this out and pin it on your refrigerator.

 Six Tastes  It is important to have all six tastes at each meal.  It is particularly important for the mid-day meal which should be you biggest meal of the day.  Print this out as a quick reference to make sure you include all six tastes.

Proper Routine Suggestions:

There are different qualities throughout the day.  there is a best time for every activity.  When we do activities during the time of day that most supports the activity, life flows and we feel easy and comfortable.

Qualities of Time  Print this out to remind you of the different qualities present at different times of day.  These rhythms also change with the seasons.

Proper Exercise

The Vedas clearly state that the purpose of exercise is to take stress away, sooo it is important to exercise everyday, especially when you are sick or recovering from illness.  It is critically important however that you exercise in a way that does not stimulate the fight or flight adrenaline response. (sympathetic response)  Stimulating the sympathetic response will not take stress away, it will make you more ill and out of balance.  Also if you want to loose weight, exercising at a lower level will help you loose weight more effectively.

Fat Burning  Print this page out for a graphic illustration to motivate you to go slower and breathe deeper.

When exercising properly for your body-type, age and state of balance, there is an objectively verifiable shift.  The sympathetic nervous system is disarmed, your heart rate and heart rate variability change.   See before and after  graphs of an actual client.  See this reference which further explains heart rate variability