candle on a counter“Panchakarma, the ancient Ayurvedic prescription for purifying the body, is credited with curing everything from chronic fatigue to osteoarthritis. What can it do for you?”

From Yoga Journal’s article “From Here to Serenity
by Pamela Miles


Research at Ohio State University by Dr. Hari Sharma, recently reported the results of a study indicating that Panchakarma removed free radicals, balanced the physiology, lowered cholesterol and increased HDL, good cholesterol. These benefits were progressive and did not maximize until after the Panchakarma Treatments ended. Panchakarma Therapies are combinations of the treatments described below. Generally, Panchakarma is tailored to the individual and includes a special diet, yoga, and combinations of the treatments described below. These treatments require two trained therapists and last 2 ½ hours.


Abhyanga-Shirodhara This combination of treatments is the most popular. Abhyanga is an individually prepared herbal-oil massage designed to deeply penetrate the skin, relax the mind-body, break up impurities and stimulate both arterial and lymphatic circulation. This effect enhances the ability for nutrients to reach starved cells and for the removal of stagnant waste. The result is a heightened state of awareness that will enhance the internal healing system of the body. Shirodhara Shiro means “head” and dhara means “pouring of oil.” Herbalized oil is poured over the forehead at a specific temperature with a “dhara” or stream at a specific height and width for a set period of time in a body specific pattern. During this treatment the brain waves become synchronous, the metabolism is lowered and the nervous system disarmed so that the deepest level of healing can be accessed.

1 hour and 30 minutes treatment – $135

The Ultimate Two Person Massage as described above but with two therapists trained to do a tandem synchronous treatment followed by Shirodhara.

1 hour and 30 minutes treatment – $225

Shiro-Abhyanga-Nasya is a luxurious combination of a deep head, neck and shoulder massage, a facial lymphatic massage, deep inhalation of a therapeutic aromatic steam, followed by a nasal and sinus Nasya with herbalized nose drops. This popular treatment is an invaluable tool, balancing most head and neck disorders.

1 hour and 15 minutes treatment – $95

Garshana treatments begin with a wool or silk glove dry skin brushing. This enhances circulation and cleans the skin so that subsequent oil and herbal treatments can penetrate deeply into the freshly cleaned pores of the skin. It is excellent for lymphatic stasis

$20 (added to another treatment)

Pizichili is a continuous stream of warm herbalized oil soothingly poured over the entire body by two therapists as they massage the body in perfect unison. The warmth of the oil and the synchronicity of the massage combine for a deep tissue cleansing and a powerful integrating effect. (Requires 2 massage therapists).

1 hour and 30 minutes treatment, with a rest – $350

Swedna is an individually herbalized steam bath. It is unique because the head and the heart are kept very cool during the steam bath while the body is heated to remove mental, emotional and physical toxins lodged deeply within the tissues.

$35 (added to another treatment)

Vishesh is a deeper muscular massage that breaks up adhesions and compromised circulation deep within the muscle spindles. For certain body types and imbalances, this is an essential therapeutic approach.

Shirodhara is administered by gently and methodically pouring warm herbalized oil over the forehead, synchronizing brain waves and profoundly coordinating the mind, body and spirit. To learn more, see our Shirodhara page.

Enjoy Shirodhara 55 minute therapy – $90

Udvartina is a deeply penetrating herbal paste lymphatic massage. This powerfully exfoliating treatment magically conditions the skin while pressing stagnant lymphatic toxins out of the body

Nasya consists of individually prescribed herbs and oil drops that are inhaled which clear the sinuses and excess mucous. This treatment combats the deep dryness that exists at the root of many respiratory and allergic conditions.

Basti is an herbal enema, which effectively removes impurities loosened by each day’s therapy and restores normal eliminative functions. The Basti is self administered in the evening after each treatment.

Home Panchakarma Programs

Home Panchakarma Programs Home Panchakarma Programs are very effective and inexpensive. After you have experienced a consultation and begun to effortlessly incorporate Ayurvedic principles into you daily life, you may want to give yourself a boost by doing a home Panchakarma Program. Simple diet, routine and self care routines are prescribed based on your body type and state of balance. These programs can be for 3 to 7 days and produce very profound results. Call for more information 1-800-588-4108.

Panchakarma Programs

Treatments include 2 1/2 hours of therapies using 2 technicians. Typically 2, 3 or more of the above described treatments are combined for 2 1/2 hours of complete relaxation for the mind and purification for the body. Special meals, herbal basti, daily yoga, and frequent consultations are all part of this comprehensive program. The use of two trained technicians augments the flow of consciousness to maximize the benefit of this traditional program of purification and rejuvenation. A luxurious experience for you or an exquisite and wonderful gift for anyone.

$300 to $450 / day — please call for details