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Ancient Principles of Weight Loss Demystifying Diet, Exercise and Stress Reduction

These principles from Ayurveda will help you attain and maintain your ideal weight in a natural way.

Myth: Exercise will help you lose weight.
Reality: Exercise can help you lose weight, however, improper exercise can actually cause you to gain weight. Solution: Learn the right level and type of exercise for your Ayurvedic body type and level of fitness.

Myth: Reduced intake of food is necessary for you to lose weight.
Reality: The time you eat is more imprtant than how much you eat. Eating less food, but at the wrong times can actually cause you to gain weight.
Solution: Learn the best times to eat for your Ayurvedic body-type and current state of fitness.

Myth: You must overcome your cravings to lose weight.
Reality: Cravings are a natural response to a real need - weak digestion, eating at the wrong times and eating the wrong foods make it difficult for the body to get the nutrients it needs. Cravings arise from the inability to assimilate the nutrients the body needs.
Solution: The key to the cessation of cravings is to strengthen digestion - You will accomplish this by learning the proper times to eat and the proper foods for your Ayurvedic body-type and current state of health. Ayurveda also suggests herbs that will help your digestion and elimination once you begin.

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