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Shirodhara in action

A very popular treatment combination, Abhyanga and Shirodhara brings deep healing and relaxation.

*Abhyanga* is an individually prepared herbal-oil massage designed to deeply penetrate the skin, relax the mind-body, break up impurities and stimulate both arterial and lymphatic circulation. This effect enhances the ability for nutrients to reach starved cells and for the removal of stagnant waste. The result is a heightened state of awareness that will enhance the internal healing system of the body.

*Shirodhara* Shiro means "head" and dhara means "pouring of oil." Herbalized oil is poured over the forehead at a specific temperature with a "dhara" or stream at a specific height and width for a set period of time in a body specific pattern. During this treatment the brain waves become synchronous, the metabolism is lowered and the nervous system disarmed so that the deepest level of healing can be accessed.

Try our Wednesday Shirodhara special for only $60.

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