Ayurvedaplus picA little about how I was found by Meditation and Ayurveda.  I’m a Pipefitter by trade and have been in building trades construction since 1986. I was married by 19 and  have a beautiful daughter who earned a degree at the University of Oregon and a son who is in the Plumbers & Pipefitters Local 290 apprenticeship.  I completed same apprenticeship in 2005, by 2008 I was divorced and my alcohol consumption was on the rise. This came to a sudden halt when I detached my right bicep during a accident while camping. I was unable to use the body that had supported my family and I’d  always taken for granted. Now I had a feeling of helplessness, and addiction to alcohol to tend with, things were spinning out of control fast. In 2011 I had finally hit bottom, I surrendered,  joined the first twelve step program which led me to Meditation. I had a spiritual (Kundalini) experience  30 days into sobriety, I was not prepared for this type of experience. It was the most profound thing that had ever happened to me, spiritually. It was beautiful, amazing,  intimate, life changing and it was also sudden and confusing. The urge to consume alcohol was gone, as well as attachment to material things. Around the same time I had watched Deepak Chopra on a Episode of Iconoclasts with Mike Myers (SNL). There was something about this guy (Deepak) that resonated with me, a knowing. I went to the local bookstore and a copy of “How to know GOD” by Deepak Chopra flew off the self at me. This book explained everything that I had been going through, it was a huge relief, but I could not slow down my thoughts during the day. I could not fit the pain of my past in my head. This is how I arrived at Ayurveda Plus, first with Gianna Piccardo administering a Shirodhara. It really reset my mind to a place of stillness, Gianna suggested having a consulatation with Richard Haynes. The consultation was amazing, Richard taught me how to slow down my thoughts and get to a place of stillness and peace during the day. He suggested Ayurvedic solutions to my diet and exercise that returned me to a blissful state. Richard understood what I had gone through, with compassion, presence and experience he really helped me. I was so amazed by the power in these ancient teaching that I wanted to be able to share them with others. In May of 2012 I attended the “Seduction of Spirit “at the Chopra Center in Carlsbad, CA  which is based on the “How to know GOD” book, (coincidence ?) it was amazing. This is where I set the intention to pursue these teachings.  Nameste’    Anthony Fonseca