Heart Intelligence Training Day
Saturday, April 25th
10:00 AM – 6:00 PM (Arrive 9:30 AM)

Requested fee:  $100 (includes Ayurvedic lunch)
Registration required Call 503-886-9566

(ask about our early-bird discount)

KalikaAbout the facilita

Kalia Bethany is a Certified Heart IQ Circle Facilitator who has been studying with Christian Pankhurst for the past
2 years.  A resident of Eugene, she coaches individuals and groups.  Her background includes Jungian studies, NVC,
EFT, massage therapy, essential oils. As a mystery detective coach she delights in the mystery of how emotions
express through the body trying to get our attention. Her passion is teaching Heart Intelligence to others to integrate
the opposites of spirit/body, masculine/feminine, past/present into one joyful sacred expression.

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