Three Secrets for Health

By Richard Haynes


The ultimate body-mind coordination is to be so in touch with one’s body that disease becomes an impossibility. This is the promise of Ayurveda. There are three secrets that help to establish this state of ultimate health and vitality.

The first secret is proper exercise, an exercise program which nurtures every aspect of the individual. The exercise program must be adjusted to the individuals body-mind type, state of balance, age, and activities. Of the three secrets, in our culture proper exercise is most misunderstood. In this culture it is no pain no gain, in fact more people die in health clubs than in night clubs in America, an amazing distortion. For more information on how to exercise with wisdom, I highly recommend¬†“Body, Mind and Sport”by John Douillard.

The exercise must be in harmony with the deepest desires or purpose of the individual.

When the exercise program has these qualities, it becomes a joy to exercise. Every minute of the exercise brings joy and bliss to the body and mind.

The second secret is proper routine, a routine in harmony with the eternal rhythms of nature and adjusted to the season, the age, activities and the deepest desires or purpose of the of the individual.

The third secret is proper diet, a diet suited to the individual according to body-mind type and adjusted to the season, age, and activities of the individual.

Ayurveda says that all three are necessary for perfect health. In working with hundreds of individuals over the past two years, I have found that we have a totally distorted view of exercise. This view is deeply embedded in our mental and emotional bodies as well as our physical body. Because this distortion in most cases is so deep, no matter what one does with diet and routine, without a fundamental shift in how we view exercise, perfect health remains just an elusive ideal, always just out of reach.