Anger Revisited Part II
If   you missed part one, you can it below and the article by Michelle Marchildon (yoga teacher & soccer mom; Boulder, CO):    Anger Management Does Not Exist that was the inspiration.
The beauty of anger is discovering what is being covered by this tough exterior.  After the anger has been fully expressed, felt, or embraced, we sometimes get a glimpse of what feeling is underneath.  Perhaps a feeling of hurt, vulnerability or shame that we don’t want anyone to see.  

 Paradoxically, it is just these feelings that can lead us to understanding our unmet needs and lead us to precisely what we so long for.

 When we feel safe to express, and feel all our feelings, we have the opportunity to learn important lessons about who we  are, what is truly important and what will lead to the rich full experience we all long for.

Also, unexpressed feelings (anger or otherwise) create excess fire in the body and can lead to long term issues, chronic inflammation diseases–autoimmune diseases.

Ayurveda offers not only ways to help the body illuminate this excess “fire”  (Yoga of Purification and Rejuvenation), but suggests specific practices that allow for daily renewal and restoration of balance.  (Yoga of Digestion and Yoga of Exercise)

Now the sales pitch:  This is the gift I would so like the participants in our Sattvic Living Workshops to receive.  Gianna and I hold the intent to create an environment for you to experience this deeper level of yourself, to discover what is really important and meaningful for you and to give you the tools that will enable you to stay connected to this quintessential aspect of your soul.

 When I began my journey into my own healing some 40 years ago, I had not a clue where it would take me.  When I found Ayurveda 20 years ago, the volume got turned up.

Looking back, what has always produced the most profound changes is when I have fully accepted some part of myself that I had believed was unacceptable.  

It this feminine, nurturing, accepting, loving aspect of Ayurveda that has been so helpful to me on my journey.

Gianna and I have created and continue to refine the Sattvic Living Weekend to share with you this most profound aspect of Ayurveda, We hope you will join us in 2013 and start the year off with Sattwa.

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